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How Much Does A St Lucia Honeymoon Cost?

Let's Take A Quick Look Into St Lucia Honeymoon Costs

When settling on a budget for a St Lucia Honeymoon please bear in mind the following costs:

  • Cost of flights
  • Cost of resort/hotel
  • Airport transfers
  • Tours and Attractions

Before speaking with a travel planner, it is a good idea to have your budget in mind so that we can provide you with the best options and tailor an unforgettable St Lucia honeymoon that will satisfy your budget.

St Lucia has a mix of affordable and luxury hotels like Calabash Cove starting at $696 per night to popular honeymoon resorts such as Sandals Grande and Ladera starting at $700 and $980 per night respectively. All prices are subject to changes in line with demand and seasonality trends.

Booking travel with a certified St Lucia specialist like us will ensure that you get access to the best hotels, specials, and rates year-round.

Sandals resorts are very popular for honeymoons in St Lucia. There are three Sandals properties to choose from and offer one of the best all-inclusive experiences in St Lucia. Sandals also give guests the option of staying at one and playing at three properties with free shuttle transfers. The three Sandals properties include:

  • Sandals Regency
  • Sandals Halcyon
  • Sandals Grande

Overall, Sandals Grande is the best of the three mainly because it is located on one of the calmest beaches in the Caribbean and only 5 minutes from Fort Rodney which is a must visit on any trip to St Lucia.

 The only drawback with Sandals is that they do extremely brilliant marketing which bring a lot of travelers to their resorts. You can still get an intimate experience, but it is not as quaint as some other all-inclusive honeymoon hotels on island.

If you are looking for a more intimate, boutique resorts for your St Lucia honeymoon you can consider the following choices:

  1. Calabash Cove Resort
  2. Ladera
  3. Sugar Beach
  4. Eastwinds
  5. Ti Kaye Resort & Spa


For the ultimate in luxury and seclusion our top recommendations would be Calabash Cove, Ladera and Sugar Beach. Ladera and Sugar Beach will provide you with immaculate views of the Pitons and the southern charm of Soufriere set in a luscious green environment.

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